Masters of New Mexico Folk Art

Beth Crowder & Joyce Yoxall

Sid Hausman

Debra Jean Parker

Katy Gill

Susan Clark

Amy Blackburn

Craig Rivera

CD 2 Masters of New Mexico Traditional Folk Music - Cowboys

Socorro Concert

Sabinal Sisters - Beth Crowder & Joyce Yoxall - Beth and Joyce sing and play guitar on all tracks.

  1. Call of the Canyon - (William Hill) 3:12
    A hit cowboy song by William Hill that was popularized by artists from Gene Autry to Frank Sinatra.
  2. Back in the Saddle Again (Gene Autry & Ray Whitley) 2:14
    Penned by Ray Whitely with help from Gene Autry, this chestnut is a mainstay of many cowboy singers.
  3. Cattle Call (Tex Owens) 2:36
    Written by Tex Owens and immortalized by Eddie Arnold and imitated by many.
  4. Old Fashioned Love (Cecil Mack & James P. Johnson) 2:04
    A fine example of western swing popularized and performed by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, this one was written by Cecil Mack & James P Johnson.
  5. Ridin' down the Canyon (Gene Autry & Smiley Burnett) 2:25
    Smiley Burnet and Gene Autry collaborated on this lesser known but still performed cowboy staple.

Sid Hausman - Sid sings and plays 12-string guitar, bones, harmonica, ukulele, and banjo.

  1. Roll Colorado (Sid & Cappie Hausman) 2:58
    A song about the mighty river that rises in the western slopes of the Colorado Rockies and wends its way through the parched southwest on its journey to the Sea of Cortez. Sid plays 12-string guitar.
  2. Ain't No Worrying me Tonight (Les Buffin & Sid Hausman) 2:35
    An insider's view of the not-so carefree life of the cowboy by Sid and Les Buffin, an acclaimed cowboy poet. Sid is accompanied only by a harmonica and a pair of bones that he clacks together for rhythm.
  3. Don't Fence Me In (Robert Fletcher and Cole Porter) 3:32
    - A pop tune written by Cole Porter and Robert Fletcher, this song popularized by Roy Rogers became a western staple. Sid accompanies himself on this version witha ukulele and a harmonica.
  4. The Trickster & the Sage (Sid Hausman) 2:21
    An exchange of one-upmanship between a coyote and an owl has its roots in a Navajo legend Sid learned about while visiting Dzilth-Na-O-Dith-Hle. Sid plays the banjo.
  5. Heart of the Roundup (Sid Hausman) 2:47
    Arbuckle coffee and the chuck wagon defined the meager social life of the cowboy on the range. Sid tells us that cowboys in the old west often carried banjos, which were much sturdier and could take more abuse, rather than the guitars they used in the movies. Sid plays the banjo.
  6. Land ofthe Shalako (Sid Hausman) 3:34
    This song is Sid's tribute to the Zuni Indians southwest of Gallup where he spent four years teaching songwriting as a part of New Mexico Arts' school residencies program. Sid says he was inspired to write this after observing the Shalako dances.

Buckarettes - Debra Jean Parker, Katy Gill, Susan Clark, Amy Blackburn, and Craig Rivera

  1. Cowboys & Rodeos (Colleen Peterson) 2:00
    Part of the current wave of purveyors of cowboy songs, this one written by Colleen Peterson notes the addictive nature of the profession. Debra Jean lead vocal, Katy and Susan on the harmonies. Katy plays guitar, Susan piano, Amy fiddle, and Craig on bass.
  2. Lonesome on the Range (Carol Elliot) 3:54
    modern liberated lady version of the cowboy ballad written by Carol Elliot. Katy on lead vocal, Debra Jean and Susan on the harmonies. Katy plays guitar, Susan piano, Amy fiddle, and Craig on bass.
  3. Big SkyLullaby (Wylie Gustafson) 2:34
    Some songs need no words, a simple yodel will do as thisexample from Wylie Gustfson demonstrates. . Debra Jean lead vocal, Katy,Susan, and Amy on the harmonies. Katyplays guitar, Susan accordion, Amy fiddle, and Craig on bass.
  4. There's a Moon in the Sky (J.L. Frank & Pee Wee King) 4:21
    A rarely heard chestnut of a cowboy tune from J.L. Frank and Pee Wee King. Debra Jean lead vocal, Katy, Susan, and Amy on the harmonies. Katy plays guitar, Susan accordion, Amy fiddle, and Craig on bass.
  5. Red River Valley (Trad. Anon.) 4:14
    This old ballad by an unknown author is a survivor from the early days of the songs of the American cowboy. Debra Jean lead vocal, Katy, and Susan on the harmonies. Katy plays guitar, Susan accordion, Amy fiddle, and Craig on bass.